Nutritionist, exercise therapy, gym trainer, fitness

I am glad to offer a number of comprehensive programs for shaping a healthy lifestyle and improving your body, which include the simultaneous use of workouts in the gym, nutrition correction and massage sessions, which will allow you to more efficiently and faster get you the shape you dream of!

Professional skills / directions of the training process

  • I conduct training sessions with general body shaping, bodybuilding, powerlifting, functional training using free weights, strength training equipment and functional sports equipment;
  • I make training programs and dietary food plans;
  • Rehabilitation. Visual diagnostics and methods for correcting muscle imbalances with and without Evminov’s Prophylaxis.
  • Conducting trainings with people who have problems with the spinal column – scoliosis, osteochondrosis, strengthening the muscles of the back for a healthy and active lifestyle, correction and prevention of curvature of the spine and impaired posture using the Prophylactic Evminov and the Evminov Method in the health-improving training process to preserve, strengthen and spine restoration;
  • Conducting trainings with adolescents, the elderly, pregnant women and with special categories of people, which includes the construction of training programs for people with problems with the cardiovascular system, with varicose veins, with problems with blood pressure (hypertension and hypotension), with joint problems (arthritis and arthrosis), with problems of the respiratory system (chronic bronchitis, asthma), with metabolic disorders;
  • Recommendations for rational and proper nutrition and making dietary plans in order to maintain a healthy lifestyle, reduce the total body weight, reduce the percentage of fat, or, if necessary, increase muscle mass.

Personal training includes

Development of an individual program of the training process and its subsequent correction based on the results of achievements

Mastering the technique of performing strength exercises

Current control of the correctness of performing exercises with free weights and on strength machines

Psychological motivation to achieve the set goals

Alexey Alexandrovich Drozdov

Nutritionist, exercise therapy, gym trainer, fitness


  • Saint Petersburg State Polytechnic University, Saint Petersburg (2011).

Experience and achievements

  • Champion of Europe WRPF PRO CUP in bench press Absolute champion of Russia IPF in powerlifting (classic bench press)
  • Multiple Russian IPF record holder in bench press in the category up to 93 kg Elite of Russia in bench press.

How the first training session will take place

  • Before training, we will talk to you, I will ask you a list of questions that will help me, taking into account your individual indications and needs, to build the training process and diet as efficiently as possible!

At the end of the first workout, you will get a complete picture of how you need to exercise, how to eat right, what you need to give up, what habits you need to acquire to get our results.

I will be a support and motivator all the way!

Is your goal: to lose weight, improve physical fitness, maintain and energize the body, improve health?

Come to me!

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